Why Short Cycling Is Bad For Your AC?

24 May

Why Short Cycling Is Bad For Your AC?

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Around this time of year, many HVAC companies in Charlotte NC and beyond have to deal with a variety of repairs as the mercury rises. Matthews residents are hardly immune to the AC woes that Charlotte locals experience on a daily basis.

One Matthews AC problem you should never ignore is short cycling. This not uncommon condition can wreak havoc on even the best AC system in short order.


What Is Short Cycling?


AC short cycling refers to a situation where an HVAC system is stuck in start-up mode. This means that the AC never completes a full cooling or heat exchange cycle throughout the day. Essentially, the compressor starts and stops far more frequently than it would under normal circumstances. As you can imagine, an HVAC system that can’t operate as it’s designed to will suffer some serious consequences down the road.


What Causes Short Cycling?


One of the most common causes of short cycling is a filthy air filter. However, other culprits such as refrigerant leaks, vent leaks and malfunctioning thermostats are responsible in a great number of cases. An HVAC system that’s inadequate for a given space will almost certainly suffer as a result of persistent short cycling.


How Short Cycling Impacts Your AC


Short cycling can cause a variety of problems for AC systems that will cost you time and money at the end of the day.


Compressor Failure


Without a doubt, the compressor is probably the most expensive component of your HVAC system to replace. Short cycling puts a tremendous amount of strain on the compressor and reduces its lifetime by a great deal. Balmy North Carolina summers make compressors work hard enough as it is.


Lousy HVAC Performance


Oftentimes, air conditioning repair in Matthews begins with a call from a client complaining of sub-par AC. Short cycling inevitably leads to inefficient cooling in North Carolina homes regardless of size or layout. The end result is an unhappy resident with sky-high utility bills.


Excessive Energy Usage


When a compressor, evaporator or condenser is forced to work overtime, a lot of kilowatt-hours are wasted in the process. In fact, spikes in utility bills are a good sign that you’ve got a short-cycling disaster on your hands. Fixing the problem quickly is more cost-effective in the long run.


Short Cycling Prevention Tips


Many Matthews AC problems like short cycling can be nipped in the bud with a little preventative maintenance. First things first, change your filters regularly on a set schedule. Furthermore, keep an eye on refrigerant levels throughout the year. Lastly, replace cheap parts like low-pressure control switches if they look dodgy.


The Ultimate Solution to AC Short Cycling


Unless you’re an HVAC expert, dealing with issues like short cycling can be a massive headache. Fortunately, trustworthy HVAC companies in Charlotte NC like AirWorks Cooling & Heating are just a call away. If you want the finest air conditioning repair in Matthews, AirWorks is the team to bet on.