Why is your AC blowing warm air?

03 Mar

Why is your AC blowing warm air?

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If your air conditioner is producing warm air, our technicians can thoroughly inspect the evaporator, the thermostat, the condenser and the refrigerant. Our specialists could also evaluate the filter, and sometimes, a dirty filter may reduce the flow of air, decrease the efficiency of the evaporator, affect the quality of indoor air and increase the temperature of the air.


Examining the Refrigerant

Each air conditioner features internal coils that allow the refrigerant to circulate, yet when the coils are leaking, the refrigerant may not cool the incoming air. If an air conditioner is leaking, ice could gradually form on the internal coils, and the homeowner may also notice strange noises that emanate from the air conditioner. Once you contact HVAC companies Charlotte NC, our experts could thoroughly inspect each air conditioner, and we can evaluate the coils, examine the levels of refrigerant and eliminate numerous leaks.

Inspecting the Evaporator and Improving the Flow of Air

The evaporator is a sizable component that can reduce moisture, decrease the temperature of the incoming air and produce condensation. If the evaporator is dirty, the component might not absorb the extra heat, and consequently, the air conditioner may produce warm air. According to multiple reports, a dirty evaporator could increase energy costs by more than 23 percent. Moreover, a malfunctioning evaporator can damage numerous components, reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner and increase the risk of leaks.

Installing a New Filter

If an air conditioner has an inadequate filter, dirt could gradually accumulate on the internal coils, and the coils may not cool the incoming air. Sometimes, a dirty filter could also contain dust, allergens and numerous types of pollutants. The toxins may affect a homeowner’s health, exacerbate chronic inflammation, irritate the eyes and weaken the immune system. When our experts complete an air conditioning repair, the specialists can replace the filter, clean the internal coils and test the new filter.

Contacting Our Business and Requesting an Estimate

If you visit our company’s website, you could evaluate our services, excellent testimonials and numerous types of air conditioners. When you are ready to schedule an appointment, you could call 980-689-6852, and once you contact HVAC companies Charlotte NC, our specialists can answer your questions, offer a free consultation and estimate the costs of numerous services.

When our technicians provide Charlotte heating and air services, the experts could evaluate the malfunctioning parts, indicate the prices of new components and examine the costs of labor. Our business can provide multiple types of financing, and we could offer a low interest rate, flexible terms and numerous discounts.