How Your Matthews, NC Home Can Benefit From a Thermostat Upgrade

15 Jan

How Your Matthews, NC Home Can Benefit From a ...



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Are you on the fence about whether you should replace your thermostat with a newer, more efficient model like a smart thermostat? We’re here to help make your decision easier. Upgrading your thermostat may seem like a hassle and costly but in reality, it can save you a lot of money. Many people think smart thermostats are difficult to learn and understand but they are actually extremely easy and user friendly. Plus, new models of thermostats have many benefits that will make your home more comfortable and efficient. Keep reading below to learn how your Matthews, North Carolina home can benefit from a thermostat upgrade.

Increase Efficiency

Thermostat upgrades and improved HVAC efficiency go hand in hand. Newer thermostats are programmable and designed to use less energy, lower your costs, and prevent waste. They also are designed to have better control over your Matthews, NC home temperature and indoor air quality as some give you warnings when your home indoor air quality is poor and when your home temperatures are unusually high or low.

Programming Capabilities

Like we mentioned above, upgrading your manual thermostat to a new programmable or smart thermostat allows you to schedule your heating and air conditioning system. If you are gone from 8-6 every M-F, you can program your thermostat to ease up on the cooling or the heating until you arrive back home. This saves you money, improves your comfort, reduces your energy usage and improves your heating and air conditioning systems lifespan!

Ease of Use

Even though it might not seem like it at first, newer thermostats are easier to use – even programmable and smart thermostats. The touch screens on newer versions of thermostats are easier than ever to use when compared to the old school dials and knobs. In addition, you can easily access your smart thermostat via smartphone through an app. This not only makes it easier for you to access your Matthews, NC home thermostat, it is also much more convenient.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to upgrade to a smart thermostat, give the AirWorks Cooling & Heating team a call today! You can schedule an appointment to speak with one of our qualified and knowledgeable technicians about the pros and cons of upgrading and installing a brand new thermostat in your greater Matthews, NC area home.