4 Things to Know About HVAC Warranties in Indian Trail, NC

When you install a new air conditioner, heater or furnace in Indian Trail, NC, you expect it to come with a warranty. However, there are some particulars of that warranty that may surprise you. Discover four things many people miss about their HVAC warranties so that you’re not surprised if you need it.

Your Warranty May Require Registration

One of the biggest mistakes people make is failing to register their systems. You may have a short warranty without registration. However, getting the longest warranty may require that you complete either a mail-in or an online registration.

System Maintenance is Often a Term

Another very common mistake is failing to get the required annual maintenance for your HVAC system. Neglecting maintenance significantly increases the strain on the system, leading to premature component failure.

There Are Likely Some Exclusions

Next, make sure you read through the terms of your specific warranty because there may be some exclusions. A common exclusion from the manufacturer’s warranty is labor, which is the most expensive part of repairs. Additionally, HVAC warranties often exclude some circumstances known as “acts of God,” which typically includes events covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Your Installer May Offer an Extended Labor Warranty

While a manufacturer’s warranty won’t cover labor, your installation company may offer a labor warranty. They may be part of the installation with an option to upgrade to a longer labor warranty for an additional fee. As you compare quotes and project details, be sure you’re considering the differences between HVAC warranties.

Make sure you get the most from your new HVAC installation by ensuring you receive a warranty with it. Call to schedule your air conditioning installation consultation with the expert service technicians at AirWorks Cooling & Heating, LLC today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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