Matthews AC | Cooling Mistakes to Avoid this

The greater Matthews, North Carolina area community knows how severe the summers can get here. It’s almost inevitable that every home here has an air conditioning unit. We all heavily rely on our air conditioning equipment to beat the heat and humidity and to keep us cool and comfortable all summer long. Did you know that on average, our Matthews AC company advises that all American homes with an AC unit use about 6% of all energy produced in the US from said AC unit? That is a crazy statistic to think about when you consider all of the different ways Americans use energy. With that being said, many people are beginning to take steps to reduce their energy usage while still keeping their home cool. The best way to do this is to avoid the following common air conditioning mistakes:

Neglecting Your Air Filters & Insulation

Your air filters and your insulation are two extremely easy things to forget about. With that being said, they are also two extremely important things when it comes to the efficiency and effectiveness of your heating and cooling system. Your air filters pull dust and debris out of the air that is being recycled throughout your HVAC system. When the filter gets dirty, it becomes clogged and it obstructs the airflow of your system. This means your AC unit can’t get new air to cool, which forces it to work harder to achieve comfort. Your insulation helps to keep the cool air your unit produces inside your home. When you have faulty insulation, cool air escapes and warm air enters. Like clogged air filters, this forces your air conditioner to work harder than it should be to effectively cool your home.

Hiding Your AC Unit

While we all want our homes and yards to have the perfect magazine look, it is unfortunately not realistic. Many people will try to hide their AC unit with plants or other shrubberies to camouflage their air conditioner. Even though this might hide your air conditioning unit, it can also hinder your unit’s functionality and effectiveness. Leaves can get caught in your AC unit which can hinder airflow. Dust and dirt can clog up your unit as well while reducing the air quality. If you are considering hiding your AC unit, make sure you do so while keeping at least 6 feet of freedom between your yard décor and your unit.

Ignoring Strange Noises & Smells

Your AC unit should not smell abnormal nor make strange or loud noises. It is normal for your air conditioner to have a subtle odor, but if that smell changes into something else, it needs to be addressed by a professional. It could be the unit itself or something with your ductwork. The same goes for the sound of your unit. It’s common to have a quiet sound (like a motor running) but it should not be making loud noises. If you hear strange noises from your unit, you need to reach out to your local HVAC companies charlotte NC to find the cause and address it ASAP.

Keeping Your Blinds Open

We know that letting the natural light inside of your Matthews, North Carolina home is delightful, it’s also detrimental to your comfort in the summer. The sunshine is not only natural light, it is also natural heat. If you are wanting to lower your energy costs and improve your comfort this summer, be sure to close the blinds during the day while the sun is the brightest and most powerful.

Never Adjusting the Temperature

We know there is a myth about adjusting the temperature on your thermostat and how it’s bad for your heating and cooling system. It’s called a myth for a reason, it’s not true. Whether or not you have a non-programmable or programmable thermostat, make sure you are still adjusting the temperature when you need to in order to cut down on energy costs. If you know you’ll be gone most of the day, turn up your thermostat a bit to give your AC unit a break. Upon arrival, turn it back down to your desired temperature.

Have more questions about how to stay cool and comfortable all summer long? Give Charlotte heating and air company like AirWorks Cooling & Heating a call! We are always prepared to help out our customers in the greater Matthews & Charlotte, NC area. Your comfort is our priority!

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