4 Factors That Affect Heat Pump Efficiency in Waxhaw, NC

Heating and cooling your home in Waxhaw, NC, makes up a large percentage of your monthly energy bills. To keep your bills down, you need to have your HVAC system operating as efficiently as possible. What are the factors that affect how efficiently your heat pump works? Read on to learn more if you operate this type of HVAC system in your home.


The age of your system affects how efficiently it operates, as it’ll gradually lose efficiency over time. As the average heat pump lasts about 15 years, it’s time to think about saving to replace it once it’s 10 years old. Old heat pumps often need frequent and expensive repairs. It’s more cost-effective to replace the system in this case.


Your heat pump needs to be the right size for your home. One that’s too large can’t operate efficiently as it heats and cools your home too quickly. This not only costs you money but makes your home uncomfortable.

A heat pump that’s too small for your home also won’t operate efficiently. It’ll run for long periods to reach your desired temperature. This wastes a lot of energy.

Outdoor Temperatures

How hot and cold it is outside can impact how efficiently your heat pump works. The system has to work harder to move heat when it’s really hot or cold outdoors. You can help your heat pump by keeping doors and windows closed.

Clogged Air Filter

The air filter in your HVAC system needs to be clean for it to work efficiently. A clogged air filter reduces airflow, which makes your heat pump work harder than it should. You should check the air filter every month and replace it at least every three months.

We can help you with your HVAC system. Get in touch with AirWorks Cooling & Heating, LLC today to schedule an appointment for installation, repair and maintenance services.

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