3 Reasons Your Cooling Bill Is So High in Huntersville, NC

Summer temperatures in Huntersville, NC, are steadily increasing, and energy costs are rising for many homeowners. A lot of folks are searching for ways to reduce their monthly energy bills. If your home electric bill feels a little out of control, see if any of these three cooling issues might be causing the problem:

Thermostat Set Incorrectly

One common issue that causes cooling costs to soar during the summer is inefficient thermostat settings. Many homeowners simply turn their AC units off when they leave the house to go to work and then turn the systems back on when they get home.

They assume that turning them off will save them money on cooling, but it actually increases costs because it forces the unit to work non-stop for several hours into the night. A better alternative would be to raise the thermostat 2-3 degrees when leaving for work and lower the setting to the desired temperature upon return – or to simply upgrade to a smart thermostat that handles temperature changes automatically.

Air Leaks Are Wasting Energy

Another problem that drives up energy costs is air leaks. Leaks in your air ducts will cause the air to escape before it can reach the rooms farthest from your air intake, making those rooms warmer than the rest of the house. This lack of even cooling often makes you lower the thermostat setting, so the unit has to keep running longer to cool those rooms.

Hot air can also get into your home through gaps around doors and windows. Replacing the weatherstripping as needed will seal off those gaps and keep the hot air out. A home with properly sealed duct work, windows and doors can save you a ton of money on cooling and heating costs all year round.

AC System Needs Maintenance or Repairs

Lastly, older air conditioners or even newer systems that you don’t maintain properly will struggle to work efficiently, and this will drive up cooling costs. Dirty HVAC filters, low refrigerant levels and dust or debris inside the system can all create problems. Letting our service technicians properly maintain and tune your air conditioner up will improve its performance, reduce wear and tear and lower your monthly energy bill.

Don’t let your home’s cooling costs break the bank. Contact AirWorks Cooling & Heating, LLC to schedule an inspection and get on a regular maintenance plan for your AC system.

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