An American Standard Dealer Discusses Filters …

Your HVAC system keeps your home at a comfortable temperature level. Also, it prevents dirt and contaminants from circulating in the air. To make sure that the unit is working properly, you must use the right replacement filters. This will preserve your air quality and keep your utility bills low.

Purpose of an HVAC Filter

HVAC companies in Charlotte NC explain the importance of unit filters. Airflow is the most vital factor that affects the efficiency and performance of your system. The air filter plays a key role in its function. Choosing a filter that does not work properly can restrict your unit and deliver unsatisfactory performance.


Problems that Arise

Most HVAC systems can only accommodate a thin filter with limited surface area. This can become restrictive and choke the air from your HVAC unit. A better option is a filter with a different design. For example, an accordion style provides additional area where air can pass easier. This means that the filter will not need to be replaced as fast.


Different Types of Filters

  • Fiberglass. Fiberglass filters offer the minimal amount of filtration available. This means that it may cause damage to your unit. This Charlotte heating and air product may be acceptable for people without pets, allergies, or respiratory problems.
  • Pleated. Pleated filters trap a large amount of dander, dust mites, and other contaminants that circulate in the air. Although a furnace may work harder to push air through this type of filter, indoor air quality will increase.
  • Electrostatic. These filters include self-charging fibers that attract particles without heightening the tightness of the weave. This means that air can pass easier. Also, more particles can become trapped.
  • HEPA. HVAC companies in Charlotte NC explain that HEPA filters work the most efficiently. They trap the most pollutants. Unfortunately, they may restrict airflow.

Advantage of Working with an American Standard Dealer

At AirWorks Cooling & Heating, we are an American Standard dealer, which is the gold-star in the industry. Unlike other HVAC companies in Charlotte NC that claim to deliver top services, we are licensed to carry products that make your HVAC unit work at its peak. When your HVAC system develops problems, we will be there to repair or replace your unit. For top Charlotte heating and air service, you want AirWorks on your side. For more information about filters, call us at 980-689-6852.

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