American Standard Dealer Offers Four Must-Follow…

Opening your home to pets involves a lot of trade-offs. Cats and dogs offer companionship and unconditional love, but they also bring the possibility of fleas, ticks, and parasitic infections.

They don’t do your HVAC system much good either. If you’ve chosen to cherish your indoor pet, we want to give you some tips to minimize any damage that it can do to your HVAC system. You’re on your own for pest control!

#1 Clean Your Pet


According to the longtime veterinarian, Dr. Jennifer Lavallee, cats shed hair every day, but they can shed more during certain shed and growth cycles. Shedding is also a normal process for dogs, and the amount of shedding depends on breed type.


Pet fur and dander can float through the air and clog your HVAC’s air filters. Stop pet hair and dander from damaging your HVAC unit by treating the issue at the source. Bathe your pet regularly and groom it with a brush that’s designed to reduce shedding.


#2 Clean or Replace Filters

All HVAC companies in Charlotte NC tell their customers the same things about HVAC air filters. Clean or replace them every 30 days to reduce strain on your HVAC unit. However, as a leading contractor for Charlotte heating and air conditioning systems, we field a lot of HVAC repair calls from homeowners who have indoor pets. As a result, we tell our customers to check and change air filters more often if they have pets.

#3 Clean and Secure Ductwork

Pet hair and dander often find their way past your vent and into your HVAC’s ducts. When air recirculates through your home, these particles clog vents and filters.

Improve your home’s indoor air quality and extend the life of your HVAC system by getting your ducts cleaned. Charlotte heating and air conditioning contractors such as Air Works inspect ducts and give them the professional cleaning that they deserve.

#4 Enclose Wiring

HVAC companies in Charlotte NC sometimes receive repair calls from homeowners about damaged wiring. In certain cases, the homeowners’ pets have made the HVAC units’ wiring its chew toy. Reduce HVAC maintenance costs and your risk of a house fire by enclosing wiring in a tough encasement.


If you’re having issues with your HVAC unit, consult a professional. When searching for HVAC companies in Charlotte NC, look for one that uses quality equipment and excels at customer service.

As an American Standard dealer, we install only premium products for HVAC repairs and maintenance work. We are an industry leader in Charlotte for heating and air maintenance for a reason. Our technicians have been delivering personalized customer care to residents of Charlotte and Matthews since 2003. Call us for a free quote on services.

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