3 Ways Furnace Maintenance Can Save You Money

There are many benefits associated with keeping your furnace on a regular maintenance schedule. One only has to think about waking up to a freezing, cold home after the furnace has called it quits to start the list of benefits off right.

However, regular furnace maintenance costs money. It just makes sense to consider some of the benefits that save you money. Here are three ways that HVAC companies in Charlotte NC help residents to save money with furnace maintenance.

#1 Stop Small Problems From Becoming Larger Ones

Now is a great time to lower your HVAC’s thermostat to see if your AC works before summer arrives. If your AC doesn’t work, refuses to get cold enough, or makes strange noises, it’s time to call a Matthews AC repair technician to check out the issue. A better alternative is to put your HVAC unit on a regular maintenance schedule with a trusted HVAC company. HVAC companies in Charlotte NC employ trained technicians who identify and fix small issues early and prevent more costly ones from developing.

#2 Extend the Life of Your HVAC System

Most reliable companies recommend that homeowners have their HVAC units professionally serviced twice yearly during spring and fall. At AirWorks Cooling and Heating, our technicians do complete inspections, clean evaporator coils, and tighten loose wiring and mechanical components during HVAC service appointments. While these activities don’t make an immediate impact on your quality of life, they help your HVAC unit to work more efficiently, which extends its life. Replacing an HVAC unit is an expensive proposition. If you can delay getting a new unit, you save money in the long term.

#3 Reduce Your Monthly Utility Bills

According to findings by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, North Carolinians pay 9.35% more per month for electricity than the national average monthly electric bill. Before you decide to outfit your home with expensive solar panels to lower your monthly utility bills, consider putting your HVAC unit on a regular maintenance schedule. Regular maintenance not only cuts down on expensive air conditioning repairs, but it also helps to lower your monthly utility bills by making your unit run more efficiently.


Besides your home’s plumbing system, your HVAC unit is the most underappreciated feature in your home. It works quietly throughout the year to keep you and your family comfortable when outdoor temperatures rise and fall. When the unit fails, your life can come to an unpleasant halt. The good news is that most HVAC failures don’t happen without warning. Your HVAC unit usually gives off distinct signals when things aren’t going well with it. A qualified HVAC technician knows how to translate those signals and provide actionable solutions for long-term savings and comfort.

AirWorks Cooling and Heating has everything that you need for furnace and air conditioning repairs. We service all types of HVAC brands and models. Call us today for HVAC service and repairs in Charlotte.

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