Learn More About These Indoor Air Quality Solutions for Your Home

Indoor air quality impacts your comfort and health. As such, you might wonder what kind of products can improve the quality of the air in your Charlotte, NC, home. Read on to learn about the most common and effective indoor air quality solutions available.

Air Purifiers Help to Sanitize Your Home’s Air

As long as it’s relatively new and clean, the air filter in your HVAC system removes particle pollutants. Air purifiers are even more effective at performing this function, though, as they can sanitize your home’s air supply. How much your air purifier can filter the air before sanitizing it will vary depending on the make and model.

Negative ion air purifiers attract positive ion particles in your home’s air supply, neutralizing them when they enter the system. The best air purifiers contain a HEPA filter that’s capable of filtering not only allergens but also bacteria and viruses.

Humidifiers Add Moisture to Your Home’s Air

Dry air can irritate your eyes, skin and respiratory system. Those who suffer from allergies or other respiratory conditions are especially susceptible to the adverse health effects of low humidity. Low moisture levels in your home can cause dry sinuses and trigger eczema symptoms. When your nasal passages become drier, contaminants can become trapped more easily and get into your respiratory system. That’s why, during the winter months when your home’s air lacks moisture, you need a humidifier.

Install a humidifier in your Charlotte, NC, home can reduce your risk of contracting illnesses like colds, cases of flu and sinus infections. You should aim to balance your home’s humidity between 40 and 60 percent during the winter. Also, make sure to have your humidifier cleaned periodically so that it doesn’t collect contaminants and make you sick.

Dehumidifiers Reduce Moisture in Your Home’s Air

During the winter, you might need a humidifier in your home. But during the summer, you’ll need a dehumidifier to balance your home’s humidity. When it’s humid outside, moisture can build up inside your house. While your air conditioner helps to reduce your home’s humidity, a dehumidifier does a better job when conditions are extreme.

Excess humidity leads to bacterial growth, which is a health hazard and difficult to eliminate. High humidity levels in your home worsen allergy symptoms and attract pests like cockroaches, spiders and moths. Dehumidifiers remove excess moisture by drawing warm air through the coils and extracting condensation. But remember, you don’t want to extract too much moisture. The key is to reach between 40 and 60 percent humidity.

Ventilators Freshen Your Home’s Air

Modern homes have tight thermal envelopes to keep conditioned air inside. While this is good for energy efficiency, it can be bad for indoor air quality. Your kitchens and bathrooms should already have exhaust fans, and you should use them whenever you’re cooking or showering. But to ventilate your entire home and freshen the air inside it, consider investing in a whole-home ventilator. Whole-home ventilators bring fresh air from outside, precondition it and exhaust the stale air inside your home.

Improving your indoor air quality is easy when you seek professional help. AirWorks Cooling & Heating, LLC carries and installs all the indoor air quality solutions you need to filter, clean and freshen the air inside your Charlotte, NC, home. Our products have been tested for their efficacy and come with a stamp of approval. When you hire us to improve your indoor air quality, you can expect immediate results. Contact our team today to learn more about how to improve your home’s air supply so that you can breathe easier.

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