Is Your AC System Saying It’s About to Break Down?

Now that spring is here in Huntersville, NC, it’s important to know the signs that could indicate an impending air conditioning breakdown. From strange noises to a lack of cooling, several telltale signs can alert you that your AC system may be on its last legs. Knowing these signs could help save you money on costly repairs or replacement costs and keep you from dealing with an uncomfortably hot home.

Making Strange Noises

If you’re hearing strange sounds like rattling, buzzing or humming, it’s time to take action and check your AC system before the problem worsens. These noises can be irritating and indicate something is wrong with your system and you need to repair or replace it. Common causes of strange noises from your air conditioner include worn fan motors, loose parts or refrigerant levels too low.

It’s always best to have a professional service technician diagnose the issue so you can take care of it immediately and avoid replacing your air conditioner entirely. A few simple maintenance steps could go a long way in helping prevent strange noises from occurring, such as cleaning and replacing air filters regularly, checking for any blockages and ensuring that all parts are working correctly.

Not Cooling the Room

If your air conditioner isn’t cooling the room as well as it used to, this could indicate an impending AC breakdown. When your cooling system struggles to keep up with the temperature, it can take longer to reach the desired temperature or not reach it at all.

Common reasons for your air conditioner not cooling include a clogged filter, refrigerant leak, malfunctioning compressor or blocked air ducts. Other potential causes could be damage to the evaporator coil, a faulty fan motor or a thermostat that isn’t working properly.

Emitting Strange Odors

As the components inside your air conditioner age, they may start to degrade and produce strange smells. These smells could indicate an issue with the electrical system or even a potential fire hazard.

Sometimes, the smell may be from something as simple as a dirty air filter or clogged condensation line. In these cases, it’s important to inspect and change your filter and ensure you’re not dealing with blocked condensation lines.

Leaking Water

Water leaks from the air conditioner when moisture condenses inside the evaporator coil, a component of the AC system responsible for cooling the air circulating throughout the home. Over time, this condensation can build up and leak out onto the floor as a sign that the AC system needs immediate attention.

Also, leaks can occur if a poorly maintained AC system becomes clogged with dirt and debris, preventing the proper flow of air, which increases the likelihood of a leak. This can cause water to leak from the air conditioner and into the surrounding areas, leading to potential water damage and the growth of biological contaminants. In addition, leaking water can lead to electrical problems and damage to the cooling components, ultimately resulting in a costly repair or replacement.

Cycling On and Off

If your air conditioner is cycling on and off more frequently than usual, this could indicate an impending breakdown. When the AC system cycles too often, this means that it’s not able to cool your home efficiently. This may be due to a faulty compressor or low refrigerant levels in the system.

Other potential causes could be a clogged air filter or a faulty thermostat. As the problem worsens, you’ll notice that the AC system runs for shorter periods between cycles. If left unaddressed, this can lead to bigger problems, such as compressor failure or complete breakdown.

Paying attention to common indicators such as unusual noises, strange smells and temperature changes can save time and money by catching an impending breakdown early. If you’re unsure what could be causing the issue or it requires a repair job, contact us at AirWorks Cooling & Heating, LLC for quality air conditioning services in Huntersville, NC.

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